Killarney Bear Hunts
Killarney Bear Hunts

The Ontario Provincial Government has set aside a hunting territory adjacent to the Killarney Provincial Park of nearly 200 Square Miles (over 500 Square Kilometres) for the exclusive use of Killarney Bear Hunts guided Bear Hunters.

Fall Trophy Black Bear Hunt

Our season begins August 15th.  All stands are naturally camouflaged, on average 4' to 6' floor area with permanent ladders.  The tree stand sites are carefully selected, well constructed, and located at intersections of major game trails.  We also have excellent stalking trails if you prefer.  Killarney is a small village (Population 500) located at the end of a 40 mile, wilderness dead-end road.  We Are Truly 'In The Bush.'



Killarney Bear Hunts Black Bear Hunt includes all baiting, tracking, skinning and freezers for meat.  All Ladder Stands are set up and ready to go.  All of this is included for $1250.00 USD per week.  Please contact your guide Gilles for availability at 705-929-0617 or 705-897-6897. 


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